Custom designs. Gates and fence inserts created from your drawings, pictures or ideas.
Off-Road, Custom Cars, Side by Sides
Need a part? Have an idea? We can make it.
One of a kind artwork using dyes, pigments and stains create memories forever

About HMW

We are located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Small town USA. We love it!

Havasu Metal Works kind of built itself from my projects doing fabrication work for multiple forms of business and recreation in Lake Havasu City and Mojave County. Off-road racing, boating, Jeeping, shooting and many more. It’s a place where you can find multiple things to do every day of the week year round.

The desert and lake are a giant playground for tens of thousands of enthusiasts of hundreds of activities. It’s also one of the highest concentrations of classic car collectors in the west. Builders are everywhere here and are always in search of quality makers of multitudes of custom products. One off designs and product opportunities are plentiful. If you look for production volume products to make, they are minimal. Custom and unique sell here while Asian market knockoffs don’t.

I specialize in custom designed products. If you know what you want, my job, as I see it, is to produce it for you. From custom brackets, trusses and hundreds of off road items and automotive products to gates, railings and signs. I build custom fire pits personalized with whatever you can dream up.

While I’m really not into yard art, which is a very big here, I do produce it. Instead of trying to compete with the hundreds of other metal art creators out there, I try and produce unique items they don’t. Yes I’ll make you a decorative sun hanging or a Kokopelli for your window if that’s what you want. But, if you want a custom, finished piece of art to admire for years which is unique and you wont find anywhere else you will have my attention.

I use custom finishes, dyes, and patinas along with the highest quality materials in my products. You want cheap that everyone else has? Go to Walmart/Asia.


Dan Levens

Havasu Metal Works